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Provide Trusted Pet Aftercare & Memorial Services for Your Grieving Clients

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After almost a decade of conducting reputable business in the New England area, we are now partnered with more than 300 veterinary hospitals who offer our dependable, elite pet aftercare and memorial services to their clients throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Connecticut, and select parts of Vermont. Home to two large and gorgeous facilities in Dover, New Hampshire, and one in Cranston, Rhode Island, we are able to provide your clients with:

  • The only truly private cremation service in New England, accredited to our advanced technology that houses completely separate cremation chambers
    • Also a “green” technology that helps us reduce our total carbon footprint
  • The fastest crematory turnaround time in the area
    • 48–72 hour return of urn (most other crematories can take up to two weeks or more)
  • Peaceful and private waiting and viewing rooms for grieving pet parents
  • An open door policy, by appointment only, to add extra comfort to pet parents who wish to visit their pet, witness their companion’s cremation, or just make sure their loved one is being handled with care
    • We schedule appointments so only one grieving family is present at a time, adding privacy and warmhearted attentiveness from our caring staff.

As a longtime member of the IAOPCC, you can count on us to adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards while still sticking to our solid foundation of personable, affordable, and compassionate service.

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How can I partner with Final Gift?

Contact us at any time to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. We can provide you with further details about our business, customized aftercare service plans that meet the specific needs of your clients, and professionally designed brochures to hand out to pet parents.

Final Gift Pet Aftercare and Memorial Services

Not just another pet crematory, Final Gift offers the full amenities of a comprehensive pet funeral home to meet all the needs of your practice and pet parent clients. Our long list of trustworthy services includes:

  • Pet cremation for any companion animal including but not limited to dogs, cats, exotic pets, goats, horses, and other large animals
    • Private
    • Witnessed
    • Individual
    • Communal
  • Private burials for small pets like dogs and cats
  • Same-day emergency pet loss services: 24-hour availability (365 days per year) to your animal hospital and your clients
    • Veterinary clinic pick up of pet and return to your hospital or client’s home in urn
      • We have an assortment of beautiful urns for your client’s to choose from, provided at no additional cost
    • Gentle home pick up and return to home in a beautiful urn
    • Family drop off and pick up of loved ones remains
  • Customized pet memorial keepsakes
    • “Animorial” tombstones
    • Urns
    • Caskets
    • Key chains
    • Pendants
    • Picture frames
    • Engraving plates
    • Charitable tokens
  • Pet loss grief support
    • Sympathy and grief support package to every client
    • Online grief support tools
      • Rainbow Bridge inspirational poem
      • Grief library
      • Online memorials
      • Light a candle
      • Post a paw
      • Grief books
      • Award-winning supportive message boards
  • Prearranged memorial services