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Equine Services

Final Gift is a full-service pet aftercare provider and pet memorial center offering equine and large pet cremation services.

Individual Cremation:

Equine Services

This service includes the gentle pick up of your pet at your home, stable or veterinary hospital. Once in the care of Final Gift, your pet is placed individually into the crematory and is kept separate from all other pets. The remains are then placed in an attractive urn of your choice and hand delivered to your home or veterinary hospital to be reunited with their family. A certificate of cremation and grief package is issued with every individual cremation.

Communal Cremation:

Communal cremation means that your pet is cremated in a group setting with other pets. This service also includes the gentle pick up of your pet. This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost. Pet ashes are not returned, but receive a proper burial at the discretion of Final Gift in the fields of our family's farm.

Other Services:

The shoes of your horse or pony will be hand cleaned, polished and returned with your pet's remains.

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