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One Final Gift: Dignified Pet Cremation for New Englanders

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What is pet cremation?

The cremation of a pet is a traditional, respectful, clean, and rapid method of reducing your loved one’s remains. Your pet is gently laid to rest on a hearth in our hygienic crematory chamber and is then exposed to high temperatures that quickly reduce the matter into ashes. Such ashes are gathered with care and placed in a beautiful urn of your choice. You may also choose to scatter the ashes in your pet’s favorite spot, for example, or cherish them as a keepsake in your home.

Our New England Animal Crematory Amenities

In addition to a gorgeous urn of your choice, you will also receive a (an):

  • Official certificate of cremation
  • Thoughtful grief support package including a:
    • Personalized sympathy card from our staff
    • Grief brochure
    • Package of lovely flowering seeds that you can plant in remembrance of your beloved pet
  • Gentle pick-up service options from:
    • Your home
    • Your veterinary hospital
    • You may also choose to transport your pet to our facility on your own by appointment only
  • Same-day, 72-hour turnaround time (depending on the service you select):
    • This is the fastest turnaround time in the industry; most other similar services can take up to two weeks or more to return your pet.
  • Option to purchase additional, customized pet keepsakes

Final Gift Pet Crematory Options

Providing only the best and finest pet memorial services in all of New England, we offer a variety of cremation options in both our Cranston, Rhode Island, and Dover, New Hampshire, facilities for dogs, cats, goats, exotic pets, horses, or other large animals. As caring pet owners ourselves, we can assure you that your special family member will be handled in the most gentle and dignified manner possible.

  • Witnessed Cremation
    • If you wish to be present during your pet’s cremation, we offer a comforting, private viewing area so that you may witness your loved one’s cremation.
    • This service does require a scheduled appointment.
  • Private Cremation
    • Your beloved pet will be placed into a completely private crematory chamber. We have designed and pioneered the most technically advanced, environmentally friendly equipment that allows for 100% private cremation while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Individual Cremation
    • Your cherished pet is placed individually into the crematory and kept separate from all other pets by means of partitions.
  • Communal Cremation
    • Your pet will be cremated in a group setting with other beloved pets.
    • This option maintains a high level of dignity but for a modest price.
    • Pet ashes will not be returned, but rather scattered at our discretion on our beautiful cemetery grounds located at Pet Memorial Park, Foxboro, MA.

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