Online Memorials

Annie “Mooshie”

2004 - 2019

Annie .... our Mooshie... our baby girl ... the prettiest Irish Terrier around. Being her Mom, Dad, and big brother was such an honor and privilege. We were told that once you become a pawrent of an Irish Terrier you will never want another type of fur baby...well it is true...You were the best fur baby ever... You warmed our hearts from the moment we met and you stamped your pawprint on our hearts forever...❤️
Mooshie was so good with all people, she loved her family fiercely and was always kind to everyone she met. She loved to be loved and she loved to see everyone be together... as she aged she began to behave almost like a herd dog ... she wanted us all in the same room... she would find us and herd all into the den we would all be together...
Along with her being so loyal, she was smart and loved to make us laugh. She had such a personality and learned so many tricks.... thanks to her love of cookies. She did all the basics... sit, stay, come here, .. but her latest trick surprised us all... peek a boo at age 13!!
She was such an important part of our lives and we miss her cute little face, her snuggles, and all the LOVE she gave us...she was always such a blessing to each and everyone of us. We miss her and her energy at home... we miss her presence ... miss her waiting at the door when we get home after work... she would be waiting to greet us with such enthusiasm and lots of love!!!
Mooshie we love and miss you terribly... we know your spirit is with us and your journey with us was such a blessing. Thank you for loving us and being the bestest baby girl ever. I love you and so does Dad and Big brother Matty xoxo
Hugs and many kisses Mooshie