Online Memorials


2007 - 2020

My sweet Bolty,
Although we only had 8 months together, we had the best time. Through laughter and tears, you were there for me when I needed you and I know we were there for you when you needed us. After showing up on someone’s doorstep asking for help, our community worked together to help you, take care of you, love you and to give you a forever home. Although you were sick, we did our best to make you comfortable. I miss your little quirks; your head-bumps and loud motor-purring. My favorite part was cuddling up on the couch with you and holding you as we looked into the mirror at eachother and then for more head-bumps and purrs. I miss your silly ways, when I’d clink the cat food cans and you’d come say hello. Just being with you, even if we were just doing sub-fluids was the best, because I knew we were both being taken care of. The following you had- all the people from towns across- donated to your care and everyone misses you so much. During the Covid-19 virus, a community of people came together and showed love for you, even through hard times. That’s what family does and I hope you know how much you’re missed. Gizmo and Peanut are looking for you, they miss you too... and so do I, both Ben and I. We love you so much Bolty and we miss you every day. 💙🤍