Online Memorials


2005 - 2021

Lucky came to be ours after my Dad passed away in 2007. So I remember scooping you up from hiding under the bed covers. We then took that trip from Maine to NH where we live and you became a part of our family of 5 other furbabies. In time you warmed up to everyone here and later tried to be the boss. You went from being a mans cat, to a Mommas cat. Every night you were on my bed along with Cubby, who sadly passed away in October 2020. You were the last cat to arrive in my home, to the last one to leave. I can't tell you how missed and loved you are and always will be. But I hope that Dad was there waiting for you with open arms and that one day I will see you and all my other babies who have crossed that Rainbow Bridge. My heart is broken and there is such a void, but I know the memories of the love you brought will carry me on and one day make me smile. Until I see you again, you will be forever loved and forever missed, always and forever, I love you my Lucky Boy.