Online Memorials

Pippa Mary

2011 - 2022

This amazing girl…we had to say “Goodbye” to her last week. Over the past almost 12 years, she has taught us more about how to live life than you would think a dog is capable of. There are so many lessons she leaves us with, but two that stand out the most at the moment are: don’t let adversity stop you from living a full life; and enjoy all the moments (even the frustrating ones) in life - they are the memories we cherish at the end. Pippa Mary Soares, you are and will always be “The Goodest Girl”. You’re our unicorn. You loved hard and we loved you back even harder. Now, go and meet up with Trixie and you two go show the boys “up there” what’s what. We would especially like to thank Dr Carolyn at lap of love veterinary hospice for allowing us to give Pippa a dignified departure.
Pippa Mary Soares 3/11/2011-12/29/2022