Online Memorials



Always following and by my side. Your soft little ears heard all my secrets, anger and pain & your fur wiped away my tears. When no one else was there, you never left me. Sleeping by me and telling me you loved me with your purr and rubbing on me.

You were the first animal to melt my heart. My first real fury friend. My best friend. I love you more than I ever though I could love an animal.

Even as you got sick, you were right by my side. It was my turn to take care of you. Wrapped in your blanket, as you took your final breaths, I know you heard my voice saying I love you & that it was OK to let go. You found your peace in my arms and you are no longer sick.

You could let go and find your peace because you knew I'm finally strong enough to take care of myself. That you didnt need to worry about us or protect us anymore. Thank you for being there for me. For believing in me. For always being by my side. For loving me & for melting my heart. Sleep well Tiger. I'll meet you one day, on the rainbow road.

You will forever be loved and missed by your mom, Ashley, Hayle, Oreo & Mil.