Cremation Services for Horses,
Ponies & Other Large Animals

Final Gift Pet Memorial Center is proud to offer compassionate aftercare services for horses as well as other large animals in the New England area. As with all pets, your dearly departed will be handled with nothing but delicacy and dignity to ensure that your equine (or other large animal) friend is given a respectful, proper final gift.

Our horse and large animal cremation options include:

  • Private Pet Cremation
    • Your pet is privately placed into a crematory chamber.
    • The remains will be placed in a beautiful urn of your choice and hand delivered to your home with care within 72 hours. You may also choose to pick up the remains at our memorial center.
      • This is the fastest turnaround time in the industry; most other similar services can take up to two weeks or more to return your pet.
  • Communal Cremation
    • Your horse or other large animal will be cremated in a group setting with other beloved pets.
    • This option maintains a high level of dignity but for a modest price.
    • Cremated remains will not be returned, but rather scattered at our Pet Memorial Park Cemetery¬†
Equine Photo
Equine Photo