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2004 - 2023

Abby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 20, 2023. She was 18.5 years old. Abby, a/k/a Pretty Precious Princes; a/k/a The Baby, was the beloved pet of the Santiago family. She passed peacefully at home surrounded by her family. Abby was born in East Windsor, CT and spent her entire life with her loving family in Rhode Island. In her younger days she enjoyed chasing the red dot and playing with toys. Occasionally she enjoyed time outside in the back yard, watching birds and sleeping in the sun. She was especially fond of laying directly in font of any heat source. She really enjoyed eating, not just her own food but others, too. Abby once stole a waffle from the kitchen table. One time she caught a mouse in the house and mercifully let it go. She was an independent cat but enjoyed cuddling on chilly nights. Abby is now reunited with her dad, Benito Santiago, Jr., and survived by her mom Jill, sister Claudia and brother Anthony.