Thank you

We just received the remains of our lovely cat Marisol. Thank you for the quick turnaround time. The urn we received is beautiful.


No longer at my side but always in my heart

Thank you so much for the beautiful way you make grieving pet families know that their pet was taken care of so lovingly. The urn is wonderful and your poetry card
so beautiful. It made me cry reading it, but also made me feel happy. I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness in everything you do.


Lovingly For Lucy

We are truly grateful to all at Final Gift and The RI/MA Emergency Vet for how they lovingly and respectfully handled the passing of our beloved Lucy - little shit-zhu , ( Dec. 15, 2019)that we rescued from Kentucky in 2008. The Vet gave us ample time to spend time with our baby girl to say good-bye for now and they also provided a paw print with hearts and her name embedded in it as well as a beautiful card. Final gift provided the beautiful wooden urn with a picture frame to enclose Lucy's photo, seeds to plant in her memory, and resources for grief support. This is helping us particularly as we lost her pal Honey in February of 2019. I have also done on line memorials for Lucy and Honey and this helps tremendously. There is not a day that goes by that I do not view their memorials. We know that we will see them again and every time I see the rainbows, sun, or clouds I also see them as well. I feel for all those that have lost their beloved pets. Thanks for everything!! Rosanne & Dale

Rosanne Kelly and Dale Pedersen

Thank you Final Gift – Mac

I expected to get an urn pictured at the emergency vet hospital. To my surprise I was handed a nice gift bag filled with love. In the bag of course was a beautiful urn with Mac and also a card pamphlets on dealing with the loss of a pet his certificate of cremation and a packet of seeds to plant in his memory. There was a surprise wrapped in paw printed paper. It was his paw print and it was personalized. I am so touched by this. Thank you so much Final Gift.


Thank you final gift

The Final Gift is such a wonderful gift to us humans! You all are so wonderful to work with. Very respectful our our loss and of our pets. The viewing that you offer is the most beautiful gift. To able to have the last look at our beloved pet on a beautiful bed and wrapped in a lovely blanket is so wonderful. Your thoughtfulness really helps one of the hardest goodbyes is more than I could have asked for. Thank you all for your kindness.
Paulette and Daniel Flyntz - CT

Paulette & Daniel FlynZ

a truly wonderful “final gift”

I lost my dearest friend, my 13 year-old German Shepherd named Cross on the evening of 09/22/2019 at home. I contacted my Vet's Emergency Center who referred me to Central Hospital For Veterinary Medicine in North Haven. I gathered myself and brought my boy to their facility where, with great compassion, they discreetly took him and assured me that he would be well taken care of and I would have his remains within 2-weeks. On 09/26/2019 I received a call that his ashes had arrived. I received a navy blue bag with a "Final Gift" logo. I hadn't even thought to ask who would be performing the actual cremation. Inside was the most beautiful and professionally packaged arrangement of Cross' remains along with the cremation certificate, the flower seeds and, of course, the Rainbow Bridge card that was just breathtaking. Thank you Final Gift for your compassion, your professionalism and most of all for your help bringing my best friend back home again!

Gary P.

One with the force

Final Gifts transparency was greatly appreciated. Randy, who prepared our beloved pittie and family member, Vader, was unwaveringly kind. We were walked through the entire process and left with no doubts or confusion. He answered every question, canceled out our fears, and let us take our time. It is such a heartbreaking thing to say goodbye to a fur baby that has been in your life for over a decade, and it still hurts to know I can’t stroke my fingers through his fur or give him hugs, but knowing that he passed with the dignity and respect he deserves, and that Randy handled the entire process with my sister and I with compassion and patience is a great help through the grieving process. Vader is home with us, in a beautiful urn box with his photo and name, date of birth and death engraved into it, and this level of closure simply cannot be overstated. I still get to come home to him. Thank you Randy, Corey, and everyone at Final Gift for being so patient and understanding towards fur parents that have to make such a difficult decision. Thank you for taking your time with us, and allowing us to grieve and creating such a beautiful, honorable farewell for my Vader. Your work is wonderful, thoughtful and truly beautiful. Thank you.

Priscilla C.

Only the best for the Divine Miss M

We were comforted to receive Maize's ashes back this week. Our Vet, Dr. Keenan at Meadowpond Animal Hospital in Moultonboro, NH included your services as we said goodbye to our girl. We were amazed that your team travels so far to provide this loving service to our pets. Every aspect of your program had us in mind and what we are dealing with now. Thanks from our loving hearts.



My American Pitbull Terrier whom I loved and will forever love was cremated at Final Gift in Oxford, Connecticut.The kind man named Randy guided me through the whole process and made me feel so comfortable knowing that my sweet Vader was treated with respect before his cremated remains were returned to me. I miss and will forever love my gentle beast. I highly recommend this location. Randy was very nice and understanding with our emotions during these difficult moments and gave us the reassurance and consolation we needed with everything that was done to my beloved furbaby. I sincerely appreciated that with all my heart. Thank you Randy for helping us through this heartbreaking process. Thank you Final Gift for hiring such a great individual.

C. Carire


I called to inquire about my kitty cat Thatamus who had been sent to Final Gift by my vet. I didn't think I would get much information about his whereabouts but I was wrong. They know exactly what's going on with your beloved at all times and they are happy to share it with you. Toni was amazing she went above and beyond to be kind to me. Toni even drove in to work through a tornado in Massachusetts and contacted me immediately about my cats cremation. I can't tell you how much it meant to me just to know where my beautiful 16 yr old Kitty was and what step in the process he was in. People usually know where their pets are more than they know where their kids are lol and it's very hard to release them to someone else. Thank you for making me feel like I really was giving him a final gift by ridding him of cancer forever. He's wrapped up and waiting to come home to me today. My heart is broken thank you for the kindness it's very important in a process like this and in life. It seems like so many people have forgotten that.. maybe that's why we love our animals so much ❤

Anne Ward