Very Caring, COMPASSIONATE, helpful and understanding

We were heartbroken to have to say goodbye to our English Mastiff Ajax. A True gentle giant .He was so loving and loyal. He was loved by every one in the neighborhood. Final gift came to our house to pick up our beautiful family member Ajax and were so very kind and compassionate through the whole process. They assured us they would take care of every aspect of the cremation and the return of Ajax to us. They did everything they promised to do in a timely and a professional manner. This is an exceptional company and would recommend them to anyone in time of need. Their packet of flower seeds and coping with loss of a pet pamphlet was truly appreciated. Thank you so much for helping us get through this difficult time in our lives.

Belangers, Apr 2018

Gentle and Kind

A wonderful experience. The staff was gentle and kind. They allowed my 3 kids and I to say goodbye to our pet in a beautiful resting room. Which I was not expecting, but was a great addition to help with our mourning. Thank you!

Greene, Jan 2018

Helped with healing

Having our "Buddy" back home and in an honored spot has brought peace to our family. By the thoughtful package we received, we know our boy was given the best of care. Thank you for helping us heal.

Savoie, Jan 2018

Top Notch

I am so happy that my Vet gave us this company's brochure. They were so kind and compassionate in our time of need. The process during our time of sorrow was top notch. We couldn't be happier to know our beloved dog was in such great hands. When we got her ashes back and the nice card and flower seeds and rainbow bridge medal was such a nice touch. Very reasonable price and the service was amazing!!!

Downey, Jan 2018

Thoughtful and Caring Company

I couldn't ask for a better place to do my wonderful kitty's private cremation. We went through our vet, Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and they took care of everything for us. We just had to choose which urn we wanted. We chose a beautiful wood photo urn and they also did paw prints in clay with her name, clipped some of her fur, sent flower seeds (which we'll plant in the Spring in her honor), and a beautiful certificate and card. Really such a thoughtful and caring company. Thank you so much for taking care of my baby.

Mae, Nov 2017

Care and Compassion

I was very impressed with the care and compassion they expressed to me over the phone with the loss of our baby girl "Pita" whom is dearly missed.

Words cannot express our gratitude for dealing with this place for the first time. I was informed that she had been sent here to be cremated. I called and was informed by the woman who answered the phone as to the date and time the process had taken place. She was very compassionate, understanding and caring during this most difficult time. I was amazed when we received her ashes in both urns to also receive a certificate of cremation along with a card and a packet of seeds.
This place definitely knows and understands how much our furry little companions are a big part of our family. I can't thank you people enough for your love and support during this heartbreaking time in our lives

Williams, Dec 2017

These people are AMAZING

They went above and beyond for us today (especially Evan) when we brought our beloved Clark in.

Temkin, Dec 2017

So grateful

Rocksanne and I became a family seventeen years ago when she found me. We have been best friends since. Though thick and thin, good times and bad she was with me and allowed me to be her servant as she was the queen of our home. When she passed away this week I brought her to Final Gift. The folks were terrific and allowed me to mourn the loss of my furkid. They were kind and helpful and not at all intrusive in my decisions. I would recommend Final Gift to anyone that finds themselves in the awful position of having to end the relationship that is so dear to our hearts. Thank you.

Rocksanne Malcolm, Sep 2017

Our Horse Desi

My 32 year old horse, Desi passed and this company was great.from the phone calls, to the pick up, to delivering the ashes. A wonderful company. Thank you all for the kindness, and love you showed me and my Old girl.

Angellyn S.H, Jul 2017

The sudden illness and imminent loss of my cat Samantha was shocking

and when presented with options before putting her to sleep I checked off “pet cremation” without thinking too much about it. I had no idea what this really entailed; I figured I would scatter her ashes in the yard. When I picked up “Sam,” I didn’t expect such a lovely, tasteful urn containing her remains. It’s quite beautiful. Thank you also, to the Final Gift family, for the card, wildflower seeds, informational pamphlet, poem, the whole grief support package. A part of me feels absolutely ridiculous having “just a cat” cremated and keeping her ashes, but she and her sister lived with me from the wee kittenhood on. They were with me when I met my husband, had a house, started a family, etc. over a 12-year period. The cats were my first babies and the whole family, furry and human alike, miss her, and I appreciate Final Gift staff’s understanding of that! I just wanted to write and say thank you.

—Traci H.
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