Wonderful final gift

My beautiful boy passed away tuesday 01/11/2022 the day after his 14th birthday. I was heartbroken and a mess. I brought him to the vet and they sent him to final gift. He had a private cremation. He was cremated with his blankie and 2 t shirts. one of his mommy's and one of his daddy's. That sweet boy touched so many hearts and when I recieved him back today to come home I was blown away. Inside this beautiful blue final gift bag was a rainbow bridge token and a card saying a donation was made in jaidas name, his beautiful paw print in a few lovely case and the rainbow bridge poem, seeds to plant in his honor, grief pamphlets (which I need), his certificate of cremation, a sympathy card, and last but not least my precious boy in his beautiful mahogany colored picture urn. Which came in this beautiful velvet Bag. I cant tell you how much this meant to me. Everything was beautiful. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my sweet boy and showing him so much care and love during his cremation process. He has his blanket and mommy and daddy's shirts with him forever now. You made such a huge impact in such a terrible time for me and my family. I can never thank you enough. Jaida was a spoiled handsome little boy in life and of course after his life and you made his presentation look so lovely. He deserves nothing but the best. So from the bottom of my heart Jaida, me, and our entire family thank you for the care you showed him.

With love and gratitude,
Jaida Brague, Bethany Brague & Family


God made an angel with Katie

I have been trying to find the words for sometime now. I prayed for guidance on what to say.
I came in to your location on route 28 recently and was a sobbing, blabbering mess.
This is where I met Katie.
The angel you employ.
She was patient, gentle, kind and oh-so-wonderful. She spent so much time with me, explaining everything, helping me decide on an urn that just "felt right". She never made me feel like I was wasting her time, or acting ridiculous...she understood that this was my baby. I have no "human children"....she honestly took care as if it was a true baby and not an animal.

This is not my first time coming to you, but this was the "best" horrible day I have ever experienced. My past interactions were with another older woman, maybe she is gone, but they were nothing like this most recent experience.
God made a special exception when making Katie - I hope you realize how wonderful of an employee she is and hold onto her!!!




Ill keep this brief. My Delilah passed away suddenly last Tuesday morning. I got the dreaded shes ready to come home phone call today...Monday. I am completely blown away by 1. The speed that my girl was returned to me. And 2. The absolute beautiful and over the top way she was returned. Her carved box is beautiful , honestly I am surprised because it was included in the price. The velvet bag, both of them including the one in the urn is a gentle touch. She was a pampered hound dog and would appreciate it. The certificate, the enclosures and even the bag everything is packaged in is just amazing. And this was less expensive than I have paid for previous fur babies I have lost. Everything is just so tastefully and beautifully handled. This gave me confidence that she was handled as professionally as she should have been at her time. Again thank you, this entire I guess remains situation was made so much easier seeing all of this. The extra care was beyond appreciated!

Melinda Kurdziel

Totally moved

We had to put our beloved dog Cooper down on Tuesday the 25th of September. It was the most gut wrenching decision we’ve ever had to make. We decided in his final days that we wanted him to be cremated and our vet told us about Final Gift. We had never gone through this process before so we had no idea what to expect. We were able to pick our baby up 8 days later and what was given to us completely blew us away. The thoughtfulness and the empathy that went into it was unreal. Words can’t even describe how much it touched our hearts and how grateful we really are. The paw print was so beautiful and the cards and grief pamphlets really went above and beyond. We are so thankful to this company. Thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.



We lost our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever on 8/28/21. Hunter would be proud to have such a lovely urn. Thank you Final Gift for a lovely urn and was surprised at receiving a paw print of Hunter. He will always be in our hearts.

Edward & Mary achoRn


My best friend and companion was put down, after his battle with cancer, on July 21, 2021.
Sam was the best fur baby a "Dog Mom" could ever have had. My veterinarian, at Huron Veterinary Hospital, recommended Final Gift. I was so pleased with the cremation services which occurred on July 26, 2021. The cherry presentation case with picture frame was indeed a beautiful keepsake of my pal, Sam! I thank you for the dignity and the services you provided Sam!
Forever grateful! Marguerite Eno


Final Gift is one Amazing Company

Folks; I just had to take a few moments to reach out and thank you for being there in our time of need. Your company responded to our call on July 3 (holiday weekend) and guided us through the process. Our Stella! died suddenly of a heart attack suddenly and it was a holiday weekend. Each person we spoke to at your firm was thoughtful, clear and patient in explaining our options (which were amazing considering it was July 4th). Your team at the office was also deeply professional and so thoughtful. From the first call to our pick up of her ashes today we just felt good about the process. Our little crazy girl was so special to us and it was great to know she was in good hands. We thank you so much and highly recommend your company to those who love their pet as much as we loved our Stella! Thank you so much. It was amazing that you even added the ! to her spelling in every instance as it was unusual but it was so her and that last detail was just perfect. Thank you!


Thank you for your kindness

Our sash was put down on Tuesday 3-9-2021 from the first call to final gift which I could barely talk let me just cry it out they were very compassionate to the driver that picked her up I couldn’t let her go and he was very kind told me to take all the time I needed they made it so she was picked up shortly after her passing She will always be in our heart. Never forgotten
Thank you final gift for making this awful situation easier in making funeral arraignments Lisa g


Thank you for your kindness

My dog Danny passed away on February 9th,2021.He was the best fur baby a mom could ask for.this is the first time i have had my dog cremated.i recieved him back yesterday.although my heart is broken you all did such a good job letting me know you care.i was only expecting his ashes in the urn but you included extra items that truley mean the world to me.thank you for your kindness and compassion.thank you for being so thoughtful.
Sharon Bullard( Dannys mom)

Sharon L Bullard

Thank you for your kindness

My dog Danny passed away on February 9th,2021.he was the best fur baby a mom could ask for.this is the first time i ever had one of my dogs cremated.i recieved him back yesterda,although my heart is broken you all did such a good job making sure that i know you care.i was only expecting his ashes in an urn but you included extra items that mean the world to me.thank you for your kindness and compassion.thank you for being so thoughtful.
Sharon Bullard(Dannys mom)

Sharon L Bullard