Our Horse Desi

My 32 year old horse, Desi passed and this company was great.from the phone calls, to the pick up, to delivering the ashes. A wonderful company. Thank you all for the kindness, and love you showed me and my Old girl.

Angellyn S.H, Jul 2017

The sudden illness and imminent loss of my cat Samantha was shocking

and when presented with options before putting her to sleep I checked off “pet cremation” without thinking too much about it. I had no idea what this really entailed; I figured I would scatter her ashes in the yard. When I picked up “Sam,” I didn’t expect such a lovely, tasteful urn containing her remains. It’s quite beautiful. Thank you also, to the Final Gift family, for the card, wildflower seeds, informational pamphlet, poem, the whole grief support package. A part of me feels absolutely ridiculous having “just a cat” cremated and keeping her ashes, but she and her sister lived with me from the wee kittenhood on. They were with me when I met my husband, had a house, started a family, etc. over a 12-year period. The cats were my first babies and the whole family, furry and human alike, miss her, and I appreciate Final Gift staff’s understanding of that! I just wanted to write and say thank you.

—Traci H.

I want to take a moment to thank Chris, a staff member of Final Gift,

who was with my partner and me at the recent private cremation of my baby, Patchouli Powder. It was truly the worst day of my life, and Chris was very caring and helpful. Also, the Final Gift facility is beautiful. Although it was an extremely hard night for me to at the time, I was very impressed by your facility. I work in the funeral business and out of all the funeral homes I have serviced, Final Gift’s is the most beautiful and warm.

Thank you again!

—Marta C. & Chris N.

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Final Gift Pet Memorial Center …

My white boxer, Chance, was recently cremated at their facility. When we left him at our veterinary clinic after being euthanized, my first questions were: Where is he going? Are they trustworthy? How do I know I will receive all of his ashes? and so on. I immediately pulled up their website when I got home and was amazed with how heartfelt, caring, and informative it is!

In receiving his ashes, my husband and I were speechless by the quality and look of his urn. In addition, we were amazed by the contents and presentation of a customized grief package that was delivered to us alongside his ashes; the time they spent to make an individual sympathy bag was deeply appreciated. In all my years of owning dogs, making a decision to put one down is obviously heartbreaking (especially with Chance, considering his young age), but knowing he was resting in such good hands at the Final Gift Pet Memorial Center made us feel so much better.

In the past, upon receiving our dogs’ ashes from other pet aftercare services, we barely received an “I'm Sorry” and were handed a shopping bag with our pets’ ashes in containers that resembled candy tins. Hence, I always ordered a nicer urn online. When I picked up their ashes in such containers, my heart would sink, and I would always find myself asking: Was my dog in good hands? Was that really all of my pet’s ashes? Did the person who performed the cremation really care? etc. It is quite obvious that Final Gift DOES care! We look forward to planting the seeds from our grief package this spring, as they will represent memories of Chance. Also, the paw print was so very special. I’ve never seen one that has the pet’s name and a little heart on it until now! Thank you again, Final Gift, for making this most difficult time a little easier in knowing he was in good hands; it really means so much to us!

We are truly thankful for this service, as are all other pet owners in the New England area. The Final Gift founders and staff are wonderful people for doing this for our pets and for taking the time to make each pet feel like they were individually cared about!

God Bless you all,

—Lori S.