I called to inquire about my kitty cat Thatamus who had been sent to Final Gift by my vet. I didn't think I would get much information about his whereabouts but I was wrong. They know exactly what's going on with your beloved at all times and they are happy to share it with you. Toni was amazing she went above and beyond to be kind to me. Toni even drove in to work through a tornado in Massachusetts and contacted me immediately about my cats cremation. I can't tell you how much it meant to me just to know where my beautiful 16 yr old Kitty was and what step in the process he was in. People usually know where their pets are more than they know where their kids are lol and it's very hard to release them to someone else. Thank you for making me feel like I really was giving him a final gift by ridding him of cancer forever. He's wrapped up and waiting to come home to me today. My heart is broken thank you for the kindness it's very important in a process like this and in life. It seems like so many people have forgotten that.. maybe that's why we love our animals so much ❤

Anne Ward

Highly RECOMMEND service

I had my dog cremated two years ago by another cremation service and I couldn’t decide the urn I wanted to put the remains of my Shepard in and the staff here was very helpful and even transferred the remains from the temporary urn to the new beautiful wooden urn!


Great people to work with

My cat, Eloise, died earlier that morning and I called and made an appointment. I was apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect. We were treated phenomenally, no high pressure sale or being upsold because of our grief. They gave us some options and completely left it up to us on what we wanted to do. I would recommend them to anyone who has a dying pet. Thank you for treating us with respect.

Brian manning


My 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier (Giacomo aka Jack) was euthanized on
March 6, 2019 and I received Jack's remains the following week. You did a beautiful job delivering him in the most dignified and compassionate way. I also liked the details; i.e. packet of seeds to plant, and the beautiful tribute card with "Rainbow Bridge" in the inside cover. With heartfelt gratitude ...


Our boy is home.

I want to thank you so much for what you do. Our vet called today to let us know that Hershey was back. We were so touched when we got home and opened our box. Again We can not thank you enough.

Oberman/Daniels, Dec 2018

Thank You

Dear Final Gift Staff,
My sweet girl Tess was helped to the rainbow bridge on 12/10 by Lap of Love veterinarian Dr. Sally Lynch and brought to one of your locations for aftercare. I received her remains today. Thank you for the beautiful presentation. Her carved urn is so lovely, just as she was. I am so grateful to have her home. I can't thank you enough for taking care of my sweet girl's aftercare and getting her home to me so quickly so I can begin my healing process.

Camara , Dec 2018

Grateful for Vet recommendation…

last Friday we had to say goodbye to our 14 year old girl, Cupcakes. My veterinarian suggested Final gift. I am do grateful to them. Not only did they give her back in record time, they also included helpful information, and a very touching and special card with a stamped copy of her paw print!! I can never thank them enough.

Sep 2018

So Kind and Thoughtful to Kitty

I wanted to thank you all at Final Gift Memorial for being so kind and thoughtful. When i received the ashes back of my Guinea pig (Kitty) I just cried because i was so overwhelmed with all that you did to make this sad experience better. I love the Urn and the nice card and certificate i received. Thank you so very much!! <3

Can’t Say Enough….

I would highly recommend the Final Gift Memorial Center to anyone who lost their beloved pet. My sweet girl Angel passed on November 17th and we were referred by my Mom whose dog had passed on October 1st. Not only did they return our call within the hour, but when we brought Angel to be cremated on 11/19, she was ready to come home the next day. The staff are all so kind and wonderful. I cant say enough good about The Final Gift Center.


Eased Our Worries

I would definitely recommend Final Gift, our beloved little Jasmine was very sick and we had to make the most difficult decision to put her to rest.😢 My oldest was so worried that if we buried her , we could bring her with us if we moved, so we decided on cremation... such a beautiful presentation, I thank Final Gift for easing our worries . Thank You, we had our little Jasmine home with five days!