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October 22, 2010
Missed By: Sal & Kathy
Ashle pup Barrett

We miss you deeply, our little puppy girl. You were a puppy up until a week before we lost you. You have gone to be with your brother Taz and we can see you running in the sun with him as you did in younger days. 10 years was too short a period of time to lose you and even worse to lose you and Taz in less than a year. Goodnight my sweets.
We miss you; our Ashle pup, puppy pie, squirts.
We know that you are with your best buddy Taz the red Devil.
Puppy songs.

She was the lovey girl, of voices and songs.
It happened each day for so very long.
We would come home and she would greet.
Circling around and bruising our feet.

She'd hop on her table, her body would wiggle.
Her actions so joyful, we would have to giggle.
It was always a question of who to kiss first.
Her black sloppy tongue with exuberance would burst.

Now tears fill our eyes when we walk through the door.
Gone are sounds of claws on the floor.
The house is so silent, no sweet song.
To let us know we are missed when we're gone.

Beautiful, soulful eyes that smiled with love.
Touches from her nose, soft as a dove.
All toys were hers, always wanting to play.
She patrolled the back yard, in her own special way.

So many things that we miss each day
Now that our furry angel has gone away.
She was silly and clumsy, but so very smart;
and her absence has left a hole in our heart.

By Kat Barrett
In memory of our sweet girl.