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June 17, 2009
Missed By: Dad and Mom (David & Claudia)
From Shelter, to Foster, to Home

(her beautiful name means the "Greek Goddess of the Wilderness and Animals")

We had you for only a month but you brought us so much joy. We took you in from the shelter as our foster dog, to give you a better place to live but we knew you would be our girl forever. What an impact you had on us. We can't stop crying. Our neighbors are looking for you also - "where is Artemis?" (they thought you were so wonderful). It saddens and shocks us that you are not here. Even the kitties are confused that their full of life, happy dog has not returned. You quickly became a part of our family. We miss you and love you. Your shelter family loved you too. You had a special advocate there who never gave up on you and until the best forever home was found because she wanted you to always be a happy dog. Thank goodness for the good people out there.

Why??? What if???

We planned many wonderful years together with you, lots of more runs through the woods (you soared so freely over those big logs!), long daily walks through our country neighborhood, rides in the car for vacations or to see family in RI and PA. We tried to give you the home, excercise, guidance, love, and affection you so deserved. You were special and had a beautiful bond with Dad, following him everywhere, but we know you bonded well with Mom too, so adorably. You were lovable, a talented jumper, speed runner, digger, water attacker, and snuggler. We gave you so many names already.....knuckle head, Artie Pants, ham bone, lizard lips (you were such a smoocher!) and of course, our "little Artie". Thanks for being no one else but you.

I don't understand why your life was cut so short at age 3. Only God knows the answer to that. Perhaps he sent you to his heaven to stay with Buddy. Please look out for him there and take good care of each other. We hope you will wait for us when the time comes and we can be together again.

We love you Artemis and miss you so much. May God Bless You, our sweet baby. It was a gift to know and love you. We hope we made you as happy as you made us.

Rest in Peace.

Love, Dad and Mom