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November 09, 2008
Missed By: Amy, Luke & Molly
Bailey (Bailey boo, Bay, munchkin, bitty, B!, tippy tap, Mommy's little girl and puddin pops)
On September 30, 1997, in the early evening, we picked up our "bundle of joy" at the Cumberland Animal Shelter on Martin Street. She leaped into her new mommy's arms and smothered Amy with kisses. Lots of kisses continued on that car ride home and for the next 11 years. Our lives have never been the same. As a couple, we had only been together 9 months before taking on the responsibility of a new puppy and we haven't known life without her until now. Actually Amy knew she wanted her as her mom told her about the small black 2- month-old puppy sitting at the shelter.She pleaded with her mom to sign the papers and when she hung up the phone, she didn't know why she knew Bailey was supposed to be in their lives, she just knew. She just had that feeling. As most of you know, Bailey was our first baby girl, before the birth of our beloved Molly. Molly adored Bailey, or as she preferred to call her "B!". She was the first granddoggy. Bailey's life was full of colors, seasons, smells, kisses, hugs, cuddles, cookies and ice cream from the Eskimo King. She was the little traveler. She traveled to every part of Rhode Island, parts of Massachusetts, and parts of New Hampshire (her favorite stomping ground). She has even been on a gondola ride over the white mountains. She was the perfect driving companion, loving to smell and feel the wonderful air as it whipped by her. Just hurry up to roll up the window if there is a man in the truck next to you-he will be sure to get a dose of Bailey's barks. Up to her final days, if she didn't know you, she would let you know that this was her car, her house, her parents and her Molly-don't even think about it. She was our great protector, of course, she was all talk. She would chase squirrels and other little animals, but especially loved to fight with plastic shopping bags. Although she was part Labrador Retriever, she hated the water. She fell in the water once, near a waterfall in New Hampshire. We can still remember the look on her face. She loved to run and she was the only dog we both personally knew to bury bones, as if they were sacred. As we mentioned, she loved ice cream as a treat, vanilla with a milk bone or any kind of sherbert. She loved to be scratched on top of her tail, her ears and chest. She would snuggle up to sleep under our covers and share our bed and took up most of it. She proudly wore her bandanas as if they were her signature and used to tippy tap her feet for a cookie. She loved to dance and jump around in a circle on her hind legs, as mommy held her paws. She loved to watch Sponge Bob Square pants. She was known for her goofyness, quirkiness, great devotion and affection. She was full of spunk. She was the most adorable of all "monkey dogs". She was the only dog that we knew to get emotional and even give a cold shoulder if she was a little upset. She tended to feel our emotions and be in tune. If we were not feeling well, she was down. If she wasn't feeling well, we were down. If we were all feeling well, well, we were all rearing to go! We had the most unique relationship with our canine peanut.

If you knew her, you were lucky. If she loved you, you were the luckiest. Just as she jumped in Amy's arms at 2 months old, she left this world, peacefully in Amy's arms on November 9 at about 11:00 AM-slowly breathing as Amy rubbed her chest, with Luke by her side. Our lives and souls have been touched, not by a dog, but by a family member and a faithful best friend.

We know she is in heaven with the rest of our friends and family that have past. She is safe, peaceful, cancer-free and full of energy. Right now, she is probably tip-tapping her feet for a carrot from Nana.

Please join us in remembering Bailey-she has left pawprints on our hearts. Amy & Luke