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Bailey Baby


July 23, 2007
Missed By: Everyone

Best pup ever!

Mr. Bailey you will be missed forever, even though you were only in our lives for only a few months, you have changed alot of people. It is so hard to look around and you not there. Believe me it is so quiet here without you barking. We miss you so much. The hardest thing was to see you the last time laying in that card-board box at grandma and grandpas. You looked like you were just sleeping and we were hoping you would wake up at any moment and just start nibbling on us and bark, but you didn't. Remember when you learned how to go up and down the stairs that was all you wanted to do, and once in awhile you would slip down the stairs, because of your clumsy feet. Remember when your mom Laura would come over to make your food bags, you always got so excited, and when she would leave you would just sit by the door, & wait for her to come back. One thing was no matter what you were always wet from playing in the tub to playing in your water bowl. Remember when neil filled up both of your bowls, and you came running through the hallway & jumped on the couch and got both of us wet. It's hard for me, because I realize your gone when your not laying on my neck sleeping. You always loved going on car rides, especially to grandma rose & grandpa bob's. Right when we got there you would get out of the car and run up the stairs to the front door. You were always a happy puppy. Believe me you always wore out shadow playing in the backyard, and now that is where you lay. In the car on the way to the emergency vet, I promised you everything would be okay, you would be fixed & I would be right there next to you, & afterwards go home and eat all the vanilla oreos that we could. But that didn't happen, the doctor took you out of neils arms and you were gone. I am sorry I broke that promise to you. We went into the back room where you were, and you were just laying there, you were just a pup and couldn't do anything. The hardest part was the doctor getting ready to put you to sleep. I hope you had fun at the beach, because we had so much fun with you. And don't worry we will also put up those pictures of you at the beach. And just so you know, you will never be able to be replaced.