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March 15, 2017
Missed By: Bandit/Facker
The love

Well where do i start i set in this place where you and i was for more then 10 years together and when i dont know what to do with myself i would look at you and you look back at me and i new what had to be done because i had you i had take care of you and you took care of me if not for you i think i would of die and you got to be part of morgan life for 4 years and now she crying for you and want you back what do i say to her she love you alot but anywas you came in to my life one day and i got the best friend i could of had in my life at the time bandit you was my best friend for more then 10 years i dont kno what to do now your goon i got up last night to look for you couse you was not in my bed then i stop to think about it and lost myself couse you was goon i kno people say it was the best thing for you but i dont know maybe i was not ready for you to leave me or morgan or mommy but thay said it was time for you i know i would of keep you to the end couse i feel like i took your life a way from you but thay say you was in pain alot of pain but i was not ready to have you leave me dont know if i would of ever be ready for you to leave me but i had to and as you lead in my arms and took your last breath i want to go with you but i have to wait to have you again and to see you i don't want to all i want is you by my side again i love you bandit!!