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February 14, 2011
Missed By: mom, dad, Faith, David

You wil be missed!!

Bandit even though you were with us only a short time you will forever remain in our hearts. I miss you oh so very much and so does the rest of the family. Words can't explain how one feels when they lose something close to them. Mama will miss you laying with me following me around the house and your great personality. David will miss playing with you and holding you. Faith will miss just giving you all the hugs and kisses and love she can. Dad will miss telling you to stop scratching the couch and get down off the table as well as the cuddling you were so fond of doing. Even Rusty will miss the sneak attacks you would do. We all love you so very much and there will forever be a hole in our hearts but we know you are with us everyday in spirit. May God keep you safe till we meet again.