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September 11, 2012
Missed By: heather (mommy)

bashi-my best friend&soul mate

bashi from the first time i saw you i knew you would be my baby was like we were meant for each other.. we had this special connection from the moment we met..we were always soo close&you were so smart..always knowing what time mommy came home from work&sitting in the window at the exact time mommy would get home like you always knew what time it was... mommy always said you were so smart.i cherish our almost 10years together&will never forget about you for one second. your birthday is in 4days but i knew you were suffering&i couldnt watch you be in pain because you mean the world to me...i will forever keep you soo close to my heart&in my thoughts&prayers every single day until we meet in heaven someday. until then dont be scared. bellie will meet you up there on rainbow bridge&watch over you&keep you safe.. up there you will be no longer in pain&u will be back to those days of running around&just being a cat again-just being bashi-boo..the best cat mommy could have ever asked for.i love you more than words can explain&i know you felt loved by all of us especially by mommy. mommy did all she could for you but it came time to say goodbye&that was the hardest thing i ever had to do to say goodbye to my baby bashi. you will be home very soon so mommy can still have you close to her. with lots of love-i love you sooo mommy...