Online Memorials


2010 - 2022

Early November we said our final goodbyes to Bella the Beagle.

She was 12 years old, and was loved so much by everyone who met her. She was mellow, friendly and probably the quietest beagle you have ever met. She was definitely food motivated and had the true nose of a beagle. If you dropped a piece of food under the fridge or stove, she would always let you know. If she saw a rabbit or squirrel in the yard, you know she wanted to chase it.

Bella has been with us through so many things. Divorces, engagement (she was actually part of our proposal), marriage, at least 7 moves, etc. She was a registered Therapy Dog when we lived in VA; I brought her to a nursing home/rehab center and she brought so much joy to people during a hard time in their life. She had about 5 surgeries, then in the last couple years of her life she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease which took a toll on her health and on mine. She then developed cancerous tumors in her abdomen, and near the end we found out that the cancer spread and engulfed her lungs. Not once did she seem unhappy or in pain, she always stayed true to her personality, and that tail wagged up until the end.
My biggest fear of mine that I always have had with any of the dogs is them getting off leash and taking off. Her last few days, I took her off leash and just let her walk around the yard, she seemed happy just being able to explore off on her own.

I am heartbroken that we had to say goodbye. But now she is free to always be off leash and to chase all the squirrels and rabbits she wants to.

One of these photos were taken on her final day, when she was walking around the yard on the sun filled fall day. She just laid down and rested for a while and soaked up the sun. I think she knew today was her day.
"No longer by our side, forever in our hearts..."

your angel wings took you away. You are greatly missed and the lack of your presence has left a huge hole in not only our home, but my heart. You were such a special dog.