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July 30, 2012
Missed By: Darryl, Neil, and Clark


Bigglesworth was born on October 2, 1998 in Plymouth, WI. Both Biggles and her sister, Snoopy, came to live with us in Chicago on December 21st, when Biggs was just 12 weeks old. As we considered them a "Christmas present," Biggles always wore a green collar/harness and Snoopy red.

We only lived in IL briefly as we wanted to get the girls home to Rhode Island where they would have a ton of family and friends. They couldn�t have possibly been prepared for the amount of love that was heading their way.

Anybody that met Biggles could see what a real character she was. This basset hound had more personality and spunk in her stubby little body than any other soul on this planet. She was stubborn, and we had to learn to do things HER way. You couldn�t get angry because once she flashed those droopy little puppy-dog eyes your heart melted. She really knew how to win over even the toughest non-dog lover by simply resting her chin on your lap and staring up at you. She really did have the human race wrapped around her little finger (paw?).

There are far too many memories to mention. Some of the sweetest involve the way that she used to wake me up in the morning. She would step onto my stomach and walk up my chest, plop down and start licking my face until I woke up. As she got older she would just come over and nudge my hand until I woke up. She also had a thing for my rescue inhaler. She would put it in her mouth, walk around the house and then put in back when she was done. We never understood why she did that, but it was cute. She always used to try chasing Canadian geese in the park as well as squirrels in the yard and got very frustrated when she couldn�t catch either. The thought of her long ears swinging back and forth as she tried running after them was adorable. She could also jump up and catch a snowball in her mouth like nobody�s business.

Although Bigglesworth never left Snoopy�s side, she loved, loved, loved people. She had to be the center of attention and whether you gave it to her or not � she would not be ignored. I�ll admit that I�ve never had a basset hound before and did not realize that they demand constant attention. I was wary at first, but in no time she won me over and I fell madly in love with her.

About 4 years ago Biggs was diagnosed with Canine Diabetes. Being the fighter that she was � it never slowed her down. Although extremely resilient, she did eventually become blind as a result. Again, she adapted so well that most people didn�t realize that she couldn�t see unless you told them. This was a testament to the adversity that she faced and conquered just as heroically.

As you can imagine, with a name like Bigglesworth she had a myriad of nicknames: Biggles, Biggs, Boo Bear, Boo Boo LaRue, Roosey, Woosey, Oosey, etc. We even had a neighbor�s child once that couldn�t say �Biggles,� so she would call her �Pickles.� It seemed that no matter where we lived, she was considered the neighborhood dog that everybody had to stop and play with and Biggles ate it up! Just like Snoopy, Biggs hated be left alone and therefore, never was. Anybody who knows this family knows that the girls came first in life and were never left home alone. We would rather pass on a social invitation than to not be with spending time with Biggles and Snoopy. I can honestly say that we never wavered since the day they were brought into our lives.

Three years ago Biggles lost her sister Snoopy. She was heartbroken and devastated by the loss, but in true Biggles fashion she pulled through. Biggles was happy to welcome Holly, a rescue dog, into the family. Unfortunately, she lost Holly only 8 months later. Finally Biggles welcomed a brother into her life, Clark. Suddenly Biggs had a male counterpart that immediately protected her from anybody or anything that Clark was suspicious of. They really did make a great team!

After almost 14 of the BEST years of our lives, Bigglesworth decided it was time to be with her sister, Snoopy again. Don�t get me wrong, she fought valiantly to stay with us, but in the end she knew that Snoopy was waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. I promised her that we would all be together again one day and would remain the family that we were fated to be.

I held my baby in my arms through one last night into what would be the worst day of our lives � the day that we would have to physically let go of the one love in this world that made us the happiest.

This morning we took our little girl to Final Gift in Cranston. We selected the most beautiful urn that they had. Although her spirit is now with her sister, Bigglesworth is back home with us where she belongs.

This house seems so empty now. The silence is deafening. Everybody keeps saying that, �At least she�s not in pain anymore,� but the selfish side of me wants her here in my arms again to make this physical pain inside go away. I had the audacity to think that I knew what heartache was before today.

From day one we said that, �It was Biggles� world, we just live in it.� Now I�m not even certain that I want to do that.

We love you so much Bigglesworth. More than words could ever express. I can�t imagine the next few days, never mind a future without you by my side.

Biggles� uncle said it best: �Earth may be a little darker today, but Heaven just got a lot brighter.�

Bigglesworth (October 2nd, 1998 - July 30th, 2012)

Count On You (A song that I often sang to Biggles)

When I feel like the world's gone mad
And I need you so bad
But I don't know where you are
I cry these tears

On our own we've been so far
We've sworn at the moon
And we've counted a million stars
My love
Still true

Friends have come and gone
Some have left me alone
But I've stared at these walls before
And they've made me blue

All along in my heart I've known
There's one thing in my life
That still rings true
I can count on you

Count on you to be there
No questions in the air
No asking why or where
No looking back

Count on you every time
To ease my worried mind
You'll forever be important to me
My miracle find

If I had to choose one place
To spend the rest of my days
Anywhere will do
Long as it's close to you

Now oh now
We've travelled so far
Yet I'm right back where you are
Just me and you

Now and forever more
As the years go by
I'm beginning to see that I
Can count on you