Online Memorials

Biscuit Grasso

2003 - 2021

Sweet Biscuit, thank you for the happiest 18 years of our lives! You are our best friend, secret keeper and greatest listener to all things good and bad. The kids wanted to tell you their best memory was when we made s’mores and somehow a pine needle with marshmallow got stuck to your forehead and you had no clue. You were on a mission to find crumbs! Dad’s favorite memory was sharing french fry time with you. He misses when you were a little guy who would run and slide under the furniture and come out the other side! I’m going to miss our float time together and how you were always by my side and under my feet! Going to bed and waking up is so difficult without seeing your little bed head next to us. Thank you for letting us know it was time and giving us the chance to come to terms with letting you go. We hope you enjoyed your life with us because it certainly won’t be the same without you! You will always be in our thoughts. We love you, Biscuit!