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Missed By: Sara & Steve

Celebrating Bogey

Some of you remember Bogey from long ago...afterall he spent almost 16 years on this earth and was Steve's childhood puppy. Some of you came into his life more recently. But everyone that knows me knows how much I care for my pets. That I'd do anything for them. And you can probably guess how hard it was to loose my first, my beloved Bogey.

When we first took Bogey in 5 years ago when we got our house, I wasn't totally crazy about it. Afterall, I was a "cat person". But that didn't last long. Bogey soon grew on me, his love and loyalty was unconditional, despite my initial faults. He still loved me anyway. He became my shadow, I'd get up and go across the room, and Bogey would be there right behind me, he just wanted to always be near me. He found two new friends, Benji and Toby. (Though Toby has had his moments most of you know about, he was a little jealous!)

When he got sick, I was devastated. I could only think of all the times that I got annoyed at something he did, if I was in a rush going out the door, or ran past him tired when I got home. So I did everything I could to see what kinds of treatments were out there, despite his prognosis. I found an online community with people who had been dealing with kidney failure with their dogs - successfully. (Thank you K9Kidney!) There WERE treatments out there, that not just added longevity, but quality of life. When I first joined, there was a woman whose dog had just passed. He looked just like Bogey. This dog had lived 2 additional healthy years with kidney failure. I thought, wow what if I could do that too. What if this doesnt have to be a death sentence. I researched, tried different things, asked other doctors. I asked Bogey to fight, let me make up for the times I took him for granted. And somehow...he bounced back as good as, if not better than before. He was energetic, playful, and so full of life, up until he started slowing down a couple months ago. He was such a good dog through all of it. And he did give me the 2 years...from when he first went into early failure in Feb 2006 - up until the end Jan 31, 2008.

This disease was sort of a blessing in disguise. After he had gotten sick, it made me realize not to take anything for granted. There were no more forgotten kisses and hugs when I left for the day and even when I returned home after a long day at work and an hour drive home. I made every day count. I don't have any regrets, I don't wish I did anything different, I don't have any "what ifs". I can take comfort in knowing I did everything I could...though it is still so hard.

When he declined, I knew I couldn't ask him to fight anymore. He told me he was done fighting, but I consider an extra 2 years - a battle won. I was very blessed to to have Dr. Kim come to our home to help him end his pain. No more scary vet visits, no more poking and prodding. With me lying next to him, and Steve by his side, he was able to peacefully go to sleep in our home.

The hardest part now is moving on without him in my daily routine. Caring for him was such a huge part of it, I can't feed the cats or go up and down stairs without feeling like something is missing. Feedings, medicine, cooking his diet, fluids, carrying him up and down stairs (he begun slipping on the hardwood stairs years ago) was such a huge part of my life that did take up alot of time. Not having that anymore is strange. It was alot of work, but I'd do it all over again, Bogey was worth it.

It was cathartic for me to go through all the pictures and videos I had. It was such a comfort. So I made this slideshow for him, to celebrate his life. There's a couple little video clips at the end, that showed how good he was doing. That's how I always want to remember him.

Its going to be hard, but its a comfort to know he had such a long life, with so many friends, and so much love.