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February 11, 2009
Missed By: Stefanie & Derek

Bosco B

Bosco B-You are missed by all-our house is so strangely quiet lately. We will always remember you wild bird calls-a sound that I don't think I have ever heard another dog make, your velvety oversize muzzle, how you always had to get between us and snuggle-regardless of how little space there was, you loved the VW and would get nervous if you couldn't get in it, how we never heard Daisy make a sound until we got you and discovered she could make walrus like noises, the tucked butt run around the couch, how you used to dance on you hind legs with me, using Daisy's butt as a pillow whether she liked it or not, all the racket that you made when we would get you ready for a walk, your grass eating addiction, how proud, yet silly you looked in your lifejacket, how you used to chase my feet when I wore those stupid dog slippers, daddy time on Saturday mornings, and last but not least a good bone chewing session with Daisy...................