Online Memorials


2010 - 2021

On Saturday, November 13, 2021 we had to put our beautiful dog Brie to sleep. She was only 11 yrs. old, but arthritis got the best of her. That morning she could no longer walk on her own and would not eat or drink; there was no question as to how that day would impact our lives. Brie would never have refuse food.
Yes, we are heartbroken._She was a sweet, smart and beautiful girl who added so much to our lives and to the lives of so many others. She had been the largest puppy in a litter of 11 gorgeous purebred white retrievers, a very sweet girl that would not have been chosen for showing or breeding due to her size, yet we knew that we had chosen the most special puppy among the them.
The Veterinary Hospital staff in Deerfield were very kind, one especially. She remembered Brie from her previous employment with our vet and told others what a sweet dog Brie was and one that she would not forget. She helped to make the situation more personal and caring.
Bob was Alpha to Brie, but I got to teach her many of the things that she knew and her absence is indescribable. Our home feels only half full right now.
Rest in peace, sweet Brie.