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Buddy Joe


November 18, 2008
Missed By: Jane, Cyndi, Sarah, & Andy
To my Buddy Joe

You were my once in a lifetime, special friend. I rescued you after you had been in the pound for 2 1/2 months, and you never forgot it - you always felt you had to protect me and pay me back. You were there for me when Daddy died and helped me through that. My Mr. Buddy Joe, from Ohio...
I never knew a dog to know so many words - like the difference between Scuba Steve and your elephant. Jesus the wonder dog after you cheated death and Dr. Bob fixed you up - we always said you had a rough start in life and God somehow was making it up to you on the other end.
Thank you for finding Rocky for us, and I hope you were there at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to greet him. I'll see you there, buddy.
Love, Mommy