Online Memorials


2009 - 2021

Our Candi girl became part of our family when she was just 11.3 weeks old and at a time when our hearts were most vulnerable. Little did we know that this little 3lb bundle would bring so much joy. She grew up in a home where she was given so much love and affection. Even when we added another fur baby to the family and he grew to be so much bigger than her, she let him know SHE was the boss. It was fun to see them playing together - my petite diva and her big Pit "brother".
Candi lived a full happy life until her health suddenly declined. There was nothing that medicine could do to save her so we made the difficult decision to say goodby. Her loss has left a void and we will carry her in our hearts always.
Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Candi girl! We love you xoxo