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November 09, 2009
Missed By: Heather

Carrie, we miss you so much and treasure the nine short years we had with you. I know you are with Mom now, who was always your favorite person, and I am sure you are both finding all kinds of trouble to get into. You were my tough girl and the boys, Cujo and Carrie, are going to be lost without you telling them what to do. I will always remember the good times and your swallowing a rock, more like a boulder!, when you were just a puupy. Just today I was thinking about all the food you stole, including numerous pizzas, and two very expensive sowrdfish steaks. I can't seem to sleep without your I gotta pee whine in the middle of the night and looking at your empty dog bed breaks my heart. I will see you across the rainbow bridge running to me on four good legs again and I am sure you will be carrying some stolen food item in your mouth. Rest well puppy, until we meet again. -Mom