Online Memorials


2006 - 2017

Cindy, it has been 108 days since you went to heaven . Time is standing still. It seems like only yesterday you were here. I can not stop crying for you. My soul mate, my best friend and a member of the family all rolled into one. I have cried every day since we came home without you. I want to see you and hold you. I want to scratch your belly. I want you by my side. My life will never be the same without you. You are with me in my heart and memories. I am writing a story about you and cry as I write each word. My heart aches like it has never ached before. Never have I felt this lost and alone nor have I ever grieved this intensely before. The hurt is unbearable. Each day is getting harder not a little easier. I love you bebe Cindy like I have never loved anyone before.