Online Memorials

Cindy McGowan

2006 - 2017

It has been 13 months since God took you home. I am slowly able to live each day with out you by my side but it has not been easy. Trying to get use to my new life at times is painful. Yet I know that you are watching over us and are letting us know that that you are alright now. Believe it or not I still jump over the large crack on the sidewalk as you use to and look up at the sky with a smile. The impact you had on our lives was amazing. You taught me so much my sweet little girl. I have so many wonderful memories that get me through each day. I still kiss your pictures and urn every night and always say good morning and goodnight to you. I am so thankful for the time we had together. They were such wonderful years and that is what I am learning to focus on. I feel your presence all the time and that is so important to me. Always stay close please.