Online Memorials


2006 - 2020

Clarisse was the runt of her litter and picked on by the bigger kittens. When I was there to pick out a kitten, I saw her, she stared at me as if to say "please take home me with you". All of the other kittens scattered about but she remained there staring up at me. I knew she was the one. She was my feline soul mate. At eight weeks she came home and changed our lives forever. She was the sweetest, most loving baby girl. My spouse and I almost split several times, but she kept us together. She will never understand the impact she had on both of us. In 2014 we adopted Bernie and he became her brother. She accepted him as her own. She showed him her tricks, how to hunt (bugs as they were indoor cats). She even showed him the sneaky tricks like how to open doors and get extra treats. After 14 years of love and compassion, she left us suddenly. The night she passed was one of the most painful feelings we have ever experienced. We can only hope that she is waiting for us on the other side, in the meadow at end of the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again. Clarisse Bernardo-Serino. 9/15/2006-8/10/2020