Online Memorials


2002 - 2023

In 2002, it all began with an innocent visit to the pet store while my clothes were drying at the nearby Laundromat. I had no idea that one unplanned trip was going to result in more than 20 incredible years with a new best friend.

Cooper has been the greatest cat that I could ever ask for. Jumping around the apartment right up until the month he passed away from kidney problems. He was always so friendly. Not a mean bone in his body. He loved company and would loudly purr if you just looked at him.

He loved napping together and would tell me when it was time for bed each night. Meowing until he got his way. Such a happy cat who loved roasted turkey and yogurt as well as the smell of citrus. Something cats usually don't like.

Cooper's birthday was on july 4Th and he loved fireworks. he thought they were celebrating him each year. he would actually get up in the window to watch the fireworks if he saw any. Such a beautiful unique cat who everyone seemed to love.

REST in Peace super Cooper. YOU MADE IT TO 20 YEARS 9 MONTHS AND 26 DAYS. hOWEVER THE LOVE WE HAVE FOR YOU AND THE LOVE THAT YOU GAVE TO US WILL LAST FOREVER! Lisa and I will never love another cat more than we love you!!!