Online Memorials



July 07, 2010
Missed By: Ryan & Tracy

Final Gift

The gift of friendship begins..

Undeniably and with innocence you are each others friend.
Showered with affection, messages of devotion you send
Simple gestures of comfort and companionship you bare
Memories are created and treasured with care

The gift of companionship grows.

As time passes, your companionship grows stronger
Deeply and whole heartedly you wish your time were longer.
A bond has grown; loyal you are forever.
One day you'll have to let go; with hope that day is never

The gift of family.

Whether morning, whether night, whether rain or sun.
Greeted with pure love, affection and joy, so fun
Never are you lonely, sad days are few.
You are a family, together everything you do.

A Final Gift.

Friendship so rare, so lucky you were
Companionship so loyal, so amazingly true
Together is a family, together were you.
A new journey has begun; with honor and care.
Many gifts you endured, still one to share.
For today, I'll say goodbye, as you peacefully go adrift.
With one last moment, I'll whisper, with love my friend, a Final Gift.