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December 01, 2007
Missed By: The Edwards

My Velvet Ears

Unfortunately, we had to put him to sleep on December 1, 2007. He had an appointment to have pictures with Santa that afternoon at Pet�s Store Next Door but we had to rush him to the Bolton emergency vet again after just being rushed there on November 25th and coming home that Tuesday. The photographer was nice enough to come over to the hospital with Santa to take pictures after I had told them we had an appointment but we will not be able to make it because of his condition. We had hoped that he would last thru the holidays.

Dempsey was 10 years old and a rescue dog. We couldn�t of asked for a better companion, friend, and the love of my life to have around. He was a special dog. He actually turned my father-in-law around about how he felt about dogs. My father-in-law was afraid of dogs and Dempsey just had a way to warm anyone�s heart. My father-in-law got to the point where when he would come to the house, he would tell Dempsey he was going for a walk even if he didn�t need to go. Dempsey was a ladies� man, he had women wrapped around his finger where ever he would go, the kennel, the vet, the groomers and our friends. Our family enjoyed our time with him while he was here. He leaves a loving family behind and his two best friends, Mika and Hunter. We love him and will miss him.