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February 08, 2008
Missed By: Rachel & Mike (Mom & Dad) & Mandy too (Sister)
"We kept him until he died...and sat with him during the long last minutes when a dog comes closest to seeming human... When we saw him at his strongest. It was then that we realized the past fourteen years have been the best of our lives, and that the pain in our hearts is something no pet lover should ever have to feel. "

A Little about Dezi...

Dezi... Our 14 year-old Husky Sheppard mix was a dog lke no other, and those of you who knew him can attest to this... Dezi loved EVERYBODY... He was one of the friendliest dogs you would ever meet. He even loved the mailman, and not cause he would get an occassional treat. Dezi had the softest personality, and would seek out love and hugs from anyone who walked thru the door. He always made sure you left his home with his fur on your clothes, but you left knowing he loved you, and always with a smile... Speaking of... Dezi had this way about him... He smiled like he was human... He let you know that your presense made him happy... Dezi wasn't just our dog, he was more like everyones dog... there wasn't a person who came to our home that didn't fall in love with him... He was simply a one of a kind dog... A part of our family that will be missed... ever so much... Words cannot express what's in our hearts...
Dezi leaves behind his little sister Maxi our Rotti... she is devastated without her older brother... He also leaves us, his family... and you his friend... Our hearts go out to you, as we know our loss is also your loss... We Love You Dezi... Always