Online Memorials


Missed By: Mommy, Daddy, Daddy II, Hope, Magoo, Buster, TC, Bella, Nikko & Stormy We all miss you so much baby girl!

My Faithy, My Pup, Such a Sweet Gentle Soul

With A goofy look upon her face

Snuggled under the covers, was her safe place

She'd gather the pillows, Hope would lick her ears

That became the routine, throughout the years

That's My Faithy, My Pup Such A Sweet Gentle Soul

Walks with Hope, swimming in a pool

Were some of the fun things Faithy would do

She'd run for that ball, you could throw it all day

And jumping in the lake was a great way to play

That's My Faithy, My Pup Such A Sweet Gentle Soul

She loved her treats, deer antlers the best

They were her favorite, among all of the rest

Faith would jump on the couch, and watch T.V.

Wherever I was is where Faithy would be

That's My Faithy, My Pup, Such A Sweet Gentle Soul

Thank you my Faithy for such wonderful days

So happy to have known all those silly ways

the laughter, the joy is such a small part

of all of the memories, I'll hold close to my heart

I'll miss you more than anyone could know

I Love You My Faithy, My Sweet Gentle Soul

Love you forever, and always, Mommy
Until we meet again my dear sweet girl.