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July 06, 2020 | Missed By:Mommy Abbey
Mark Twain once said, �When you fish for love,
bait with your heart, not your brain�.
this quote was intended for the love of man and woman,
but instead, i do believe it has prooven to be significant to Fish and I.
Fish was my best friend and my devoted partner in crime.
I can recall the late nights we would spend talking about everything,
how his advice always prevailed, and he never let me down.
He had grown old with me, and saw me through terrible times.
his smile was always a bit crooked, and he would tap the glass
before i left in the mornings offering a 'high five'.
friends, you just don't understand that he's not "just a fish."
He was my baby that I loved and looked after with all your heart.
Fish was not just an ordinary fish.
Fish made me happy. Fish you will always make me happy.
i'll miss you baby. <3 i will always love you. love mommy abbey