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December 15, 2008
Missed By: Heritage Hill Animal Hospital

A Poem for Cats

"Fred" came to our clinic in November of 2007. We adopted him from our local animal shelter. He was in a foster home with other cats, and was an unhappy man. Our clinic has an apartment attached and we thought it would be nice to open our "home" to a kitty in need. We estimate Fred to have been 15-16 years old when we adopted him. Although he had a grouchy side to him, Fred was always looking for a lap to sit on. He would often climb on the lap of any staff member who was sitting down, only to swat and hiss at you for moving him if you needed to get up. We were obviously here to do nothing but provide him a lap when he wanted it. :) He died suddenly after an acute cardiac and respiratory episode on 12/15/2008. We will miss all of his grumpy meows when we were to busy to offer a lap, and of course miss his purring when your lap was available. We miss you "Freddie Bear"