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Missed By: April & Family

Heaven's Doggy Door

Frosty, my first dog when I became an adult. My first responsibility. The first one, I have ever fallen truly, head over heels in love with. Your big brown eyes, that would always look into mine, and I into yours. From Missouri as a 3 month old pup, all the way up to Massachusetts, into my arms, and into my heart. I miss you so so terribly Frosty. You were my everything. My best friend, my first child, my partner. You are still my everything. I love you so much sweet boy. I don't know if my tears will ever stop. You truly did leave your paw prints embedded in my heart. I think of you as a puppy, your teen years, and your senior years. I think of not only the unconditional love that you gave to me, but how you expanded your, and our love, when we had my son, who still calls you, his brother. I miss you so much Frosty. Now, forever, into eternity and beyond. You are with me with every breath I take. Forever. I can't say good bye Frosty. I can only say, I will see you again. Until then, and then, you will never leave me. I love you Frosty. See you again my best friend.