Online Memorials


2013 - 2021

We lost one of our best buddies today. He was my protector, my friend, greatest stealer of the pillows and covers. He was the biggest baby and best life guard you could ask for. He loved watching COPS and being the back up. He loved everyone especially kids. He gave the best kisses! I wish I could just have one more!!!
You often found him asleep with his babies or a ball in his mouth. He put up with many animals coming though his house, but at the end of the day he let you know when it was 930 so he could go outside and have his snack upon return. Then time to sleep on the floor beside me so no one could get me.
I don’t know what I will do when I get up and don’t trip over you. Cricket already doesn’t know what to do by herself outside.
Until we meet again. RIP my sweet angel! Momma loves you.