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February 19, 2013
Missed By: Alli, Tom, Hailey, Gracie, & Caroline

Our Beautiful GiGi

Gigi (Aka Bronxy Ghetto Girl) peacfully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 2/19/2013. She was the beloved pet of Tom, Allison, Hailey, Gracie and Caroline for 13 years.

Gigi was a miracle kitty. She was rescued by Allison's sister, Erin on Easter Sunday 2000. Erin found Gigi crying, living in filth and trash under a house in the Bronx. Erin drove several hours with a scrawny, filthy, and smelly Gigi on her lap. She bathed her, fed her and brought her to Allison and Tom. Gigi was happy in her new home with her brother Neely (RIP 2/2006). But within days, she became sick. Allison took her to the vet and told the vet she thought Gigi was either pregnant or had a large tumor. Sure enough, Gigi had been pregnant but ubfortunatley the babies inside her had died and were killing her. Gigi was riddled with infection and disease. The vet said she would have died in days, possibly hours if we hadn't brought her in.

Gigi was a fighter and survivor right up until the end. She once got hertail caught in a closet and had to have part of it removed. She fought her final illness but you would never have noticed she was sick. We couldn't understand how she was even alive, never mind herhappy self.

Gigi gave her family 13 years of love and joy. She was an amazingly special cat. When Allison was pregnant with each girl, Gigi would drape herself across Allison's belly as if to protect her babies. All Tom would have to do is take out the can opener and Gig knew, it was time for her special treat! Tuna was her favorite! Gigi would greet her family at the door when they arrived home. Always with a meow and lots of purrs too! When Erin came, Gigi would run to her purring, meowing and grateful. She always remembered who saved her!

We will all miss Gigi but are so grateful for 13 years with her. We love you Gigi Bigi! Hope you are at peace, eating tuna and cuddling with Neely.