Online Memorials


Missed By: Irene and Pinky

I am already lost without you.

It has only been a day but it feels like a life time. You were and still are my best friend. I know we did the right thing. You hated being bothered and touched and to see you the way you were in your final hours I just knew you were not happy.
I know you are at peace and will be ok. And I know that I too will be ok with time. Thank you so much for spending your life with me. I loved making up silly songs for you and talking to you in silly voices.
I love you dearly and you will always be in my heart and mind. I will take care of Pinky and he too misses you dearly.
Your loving mother,
So many names.

Mr. Stuart McGoo
Stuart, Stewy, Stu,
Miss Lady Pearl
Angel Whispers
Stretch Pants
Little Buddy Nar Nars
Miss Providence
Binky Wee
and more. XO.