Online Memorials


2005 - 2022

In August 2005 I went on a promotional tour with a friend of mine. We were driving a 27' box truck across country. We were almost to Miami and our tire blew so we pulled over and went in to a restaurant while we waited for help. When we were leaving the restaurant a little black kitten popped out of the bushes meowing at us. (me - huge smile and gasp, "A KITTENNNNNN!!!!") A staff member told us that he had seen him and a few others around for a couple of weeks but he had been alone for a couple of days now.

What is a girl to do with a teeny kitten she finds when on tour for another 3 weeks? Bring him to a shelter you say?? WRONG. Bring him on tour with you and have him sleep in hotel rooms and travel in the truck and ransack Uncle Billy's garage and bring him home so that he can live a super fun life playing and snuggling with your dad for the next 16 years?!?!? YES.

We said goodbye to our beautiful Goofy today. We will always remember his snuggles, him laying on the newspaper so my dad couldn't read it, playing catch with headbands and bringing them back like a dog, his screechy scratchy meow and waking up to his face staring at you like he has been watching you all night. (as seen in one of these photos) We will miss you little buddy. . .