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November 23, 2010
Missed By: Mom, Tor, Tay, Nana, G-Pa, Crosby, Patches, and everyone else who was lucky enough to meet you and be in your beautiful presence

My Love

HI Baby,

I hope you are doing well up there, and meeting all the other beautiful animals in Heaven. I was reading about something called The Rainbow Bridge. It's when Mom and I have the chance to meet you again when it's time. We both can't wait until the day comes when we get to see our beautiful boy and get big kisses from him. We'll even bring some licorice for you since we know how much you love it. I hope you are doing what you love. We got a sign from you last night. It was a white heart-shaped rock...we know that means you are doing well and looking over us. Well, I found a website that we can now write to you everyday. I love you so much, I can't believe you're gone. But I thank the Lord that you are no longer suffering since you did not deserve that:( Dr. Brienza was so sad when she heard about you...and she was the one with you for such a long time. I'm sure you wish you could have seen her before you left, but one day you two will be reunited. I can't get the image out of my head from just moments before you passed. Your precious head was on mom's arm. You went into a deep sleep, with tiny breaths. You looked at peace. You looked happier than you did the other night when you were struggling and unable to walk. How did you feel then? Were you mad at mom and I for making you come home that night? I hope not because we thought you would have liked to be home instead of at a strange place that you were not used to. You might not remember this but I'll tell this story because I think it's cute. But, yesterday we were on our way to Essex Vet and we stopped in the back because that was where they were going to put you to sleep. Fortunately, you did not get up until we had parked and I got out of the car. You then stood up and then went over to "your seat." You sort of looked at me and made it clear that that was where you wanted to sit. You leaned to the side, as if you were waiting for me to help you sit down. Then you laid down there, and fell asleep. You died in your seat, in your mother's arms. It was beautiful and peaceful. I'm happy you didn't have to suffer. Though I'm very sad you were taken from the world, it makes me at peace when I understand you are in a happier place where you can be insulin, no Mrsa, no ear infection, no diabetes, no arthiritis. Just you, beautiful, happy, and smiling. You sure made your breed proud, taking on the name the smiling dog. That's what you did best<3 I love you more than you know, and I always will. I can't believe how fortunate I was to have you as my first dog. Everyone misses you and love you. May God bless you. Good bye baby, until next time. -Tor