Online Memorials


2012 - 2022

My cat companion, and our beloved family member Harley left this world to her newest adventure over the rainbow bridge. She was 9 years young, 1 month shy of her 10th birthday.

Harley loved basking in the sun by the open front door, bopping her dog brother Keller so she could lay in his bed, and playing with her toy kickaroo. She was the first to run over when she heard a window crack open so she could sit on the sill. Harley loved to become the center of attention, and she was good at it because her sassy attitude could always make you smile. She was the sweetest girl who loved pets and sitting on your lap.

She would look at you with confidence because she knew she was the boss, and her confidence was contagious. Her unconditional love was healing, and she helped me during many hard times over the last decade. Harley always lived in the moment, and she often grounded me to also be present in the moment, to let go of stress and anxiety. She loved to cheer people up by purring and rolling on her back to show you her belly, or laying up beside you to be little spoon.

Her final days were spent surrounded by so much love. She got to experience roaming outside, laying in the grass, smelling a tulip, eating chicken and drinking milk. She loved every bit of it and we were so lucky to be able to have that time with her.

Harley, my spunky calico. I miss you so much. Thank you for the 10 years of unconditional love, purrs, greeting me by the door, and cuddles at night as we fell asleep with you on my pillow. I loved you for your whole life and I will miss you throughout the rest of mine ❤️ Your time as our beloved family member does not end here. You will forever be in our hearts and memories. Rest in paradise baby girl, I know you have the top tier of your heavenly cat tree - and that you’re playing with Jerri and Oreo again too.

6/3/2012 - 5/11/22