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September 27, 2016
Missed By: Jim, Linda, Ashley & Greg

Heidi Heimbuecher

Our beloved Heidi was brought into this world on February 4, 2004. A few months later, we were blessed beyond measures when we had the honor of becoming her family. Heidi was not only beautiful, but affectionate, sassy, smart and full of life. She provided endless kisses, snuggles and mischief that will be missed beyond comprehension.

Heidi enjoyed spending time in her backyard chasing squirrels and patrolling for small woodland creatures. She loved car rides with the windows down and taking walks down her road. Heidi had a great fondness for food where she would use her paw to forcefully bang on her food dishes for attention. When it was nap time, Heidi could be found snuggling with her abundance of toys, her favorite blue blanket or on a lucky family member. Heidi enjoyed all holidays with Christmas and Easter the most. She would spend her time hunting for her basket filled with treats and trying to reach her overflowing stocking left by her favorite elves.

Heidi was survived by her human Mother. Whom of which made sure Heidi was always happy, loved and taken care of. They always did what others would consider "mundane" tasks together and shared snacks once their small victories were completed. Heidi would always know when it was time for her human Father to come home for work, looking out the window and waiting for the door to open. They would always great each other with kisses and special snuggles. Heidi's and her human brother spent a lot of time together and often had fun sleepovers. They would go on long walks (sometimes too long!) and have the best adventures. Heidi's human sister was lucky enough to receive countless snuggles and kisses on the nose. The two would spend time in their backyard and created memories that will last a lifetime. Heidi leaves behind devastated human grandparents, family, friends and neighbors. She will also be a noticeable void in the neighborhood dog barking conversations.

It was our privilege to be able to spend the last 12+ years with our girl, a length of time tragically cut short. Her death has left a void in our hearts only comparable to the measure of love we had been ever so lucky to receive.

We love you Hi Hi.