Online Memorials


Missed By: Mommy
Ike, My Dear "Other Son"

Thank you for adding so much love and joy to all of our lives. I'm going to miss tripping over you in the dark, feeling your cold wet nose wake me up in the morning, hearing your ferocious bark forever protecting the house from squirrels to strangers, feeling the warmth of your fluffy fur snuggling with me, and your insatiable appetite for food. Going on walks will never be the same without you. I'm so sorry we had to say goodbye. Please wait for me on the other side. You'll always be my bestfriend. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and being the only one I could absolutely be myself around (being stupid dancing around the kitchen and other things I'd never do in front of anyone else) and you never once judged me - just laughed at me sometimes.

I'll Love you forever and always,


PS Rich and Chris both love and miss you dearly too :)

A Little Dog Angel

High up in the courts of heaven today
a little dog angel waits;
with the other angels he will not play,
but he sits alone at the gates.
"For I know my master will come" says he,
"and when he comes he will call for me."

The other angels pass him by
As they hurry toward the throne,
And he watches them with a wistful eye
as he sits at the gates alone.
"But I know if I just wait patiently
that someday my master will call for me."

And his master, down on earth below,
as he sits in his easy chair,
forgets sometimes, and whispers low
to the dog who is not there.
And the little dog angel cocks his ears
and dreams that his master's voice he hears.

And when at last his master waits
outside in the dark and cold,
for the hand of death to open the door,
that leads to those courts of gold,
he will hear a sound through the gathering dark,
a little dog angel's bark.
Noah M. Holland