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My Puppy Love

J.D. - Mommy and Daddy and the kids will miss you so so much! You were the best puppy out there. You deserve to pass peacefully and that is what we did. We ere not selfish and when your time came I knew what had to be done. You were a perfect dog, the best - no one could of asked for better. Isis misses you but we are keeping her mind and my mind moving forward. Tyler and I read books to help him get over the lose of you and Cali and i look at picures of you every day and we say "J.D." daddy and I talk about when you were a puppy and when we 1st got you and how happy we were that you were our 1st "baby". We love you so so so much and you will be greatly missed!!!! We are looking forward to have you back in out home, when your ashes are returned to us - so that every night we can say good night and tell you we love you. You were my 1st puppy love and I will miss you!!!! Love mommy!!!! xoxoxox Love you forever and ever!